PRAISE! A Sunday Gospel Supper

       I am forever amazed and grateful for all my friends and family. I am eternally grateful to my webmaster, Millicent George, who created my site, as lovingly as if it were her own.

     Thank you to Tanisha Jackson for writing the story of my life and to Josh White who took the PRAISE! pictures and gave them to me for free.

      Thank you to Pastor Rick Kingham who baptized me and to Pastor Dave Morgan who let me sing of my joy at finding myself.

       I would also like to thank, Kent and Christel Vandeweide, Phil and Patti Leng, Joyce and Steve Smith, Roman (my son), Phil Smart Sr. and Jr.,Gary and Cliff Weiss and Scott Giampino for standing beside me and with me, on the road to PRAISE!

        Thank you, to the many people at Overlake Christian Church, who provided a safe and secure environment for me to grow.

       John Studamire and Dr. Ron Cole, my musical directors for PRAISE!, couldn't have done it without those "2"! Rev. Sam L. Townsend, what a "phenomenal choir director."

      Every voice that sang, every instrument played, thank you for continuing to take our message to "unsuspecting hearts" - it's only just begun.

      To my voice teacher Seth Riggs, thank you for bringing out the best in me. Peace, love and thanks to Ronnie McNeir for writing and performing "Bernadette's Theme" and to photographer extraordinaire, Debbie Trembly for my personal portfolio pics.

        Thank you to Derek Hoeim of
"Rain On Me Productions" and Mike Naydek of "Studio5," for the studio time and the friendship. To Ricardo Frazier, thank you for being the voice of PRAISE!

         Last but certainly not least to my beautiful friend Rhonda, who reached out her hand to me when I really, really needed it.

        I remain excited for the future of this journey.
I am currently in the studio recording a song that Stevie Wonder and I penned together. Recently I have become performance /vocal coach and personal tour manager for, "American Idol Finalist", Sanjaya Malakar.

       I am most excited about "my kids," the young people of "Secondary Academy for Success" who I have been coaching and training for the past two years. To see these young people go from disillusionment in themselves and the world around them, to strong, confident, successful kids through music, has become my joy and my passion.

    After hearing about "The Music Project," Senator Rosemary Mc Auliffe invited me to speak before the Washington State Legislature, where I will be seeking funding for more extra curricular musical programs for school children. It is an honor, a privilege and my duty!

       Who knows where this path is leading but I thank God for the opportunity to represent "His" word.

        Please come back and visit the site often, we plan to update it frequently. Thank you for taking time out of your busy day, for PRAISE!

P.S. Thanks Mommy, for sneaking me out to sing!!!!!!

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