PRAISE! A Sunday Gospel Supper

Bernadette's journey from child singer to the creator of PRAISE! A Sunday Gospel Supper, her  show at the Triple Door in Seattle, is a remarkable journey filled with incredible highs and her share of heartbreaking lows. Through all of her life experiences – from the joy of having her talent recognized by the likes of Stevie Wonder, to the heartache that marked the end of her 17-year marriage – music has been Bernadette’s unerring friend.  It is no wonder then that “Bern” felt compelled to use music to express her thanks to God for the abundant blessings she’s received through the course of her amazing life. Highlights include the distinction of being the first artist signed to Stevie Wonder’s Black Bull record label and receiving a living legend award for her musical contributions to the City of Seattle, Washington, her adopted hometown.

The daughter of prominent Baptist Minister and civil rights activist  Marion Bascom and long-time music teacher Lutherine Bascom, one would think that dad’s church choir was the perfect place for the musically gifted little girl to cut her teeth.  However, this preacher’s kid was relegated to singing from the pews.  Reverend Bascom recognized his daughter’s musical gift, but he did not cultivate her interest as a performer.  A graduate of Howard University with a Ph.D. in Theology, Rev. Bascom instilled in his children a firm “education first” policy.

Mrs. Bascom, however, encouraged Bern to pursue her musical path.  Determined to make her way in music, Bernadette joined up with a local band from across town.  Mrs. Bascom oftentimes accompanied her daughter to gigs and rehearsals, albeit behind Rev. Bascom’s back.

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