PRAISE! A Sunday Gospel Supper
PRAISE! - The Mission

Returning to Seattle proved to be the perfect antidote to Bern’s troubles.  Upon her return, she learned that she had received a living legend award for her contributions to Seattle’s music scene. The honor placed her among such luminaries as Quincy Jones, Robert Cray, Kenny G, Jimi Hendrix, Ray Charles and Sir Mix-A-Lot.

Taking no time to rest on her laurels, she was ready to return to the music scene she helped to create.  On one fateful evening, she and a girlfriend went to the Triple Door, an upscale supper club in beautiful downtown Seattle.  Bernadette marveled when she saw the elegantly appointed venue.  It was as dazzling as the posh Las Vegas showrooms she played for so many years.  That evening, she boldly predicted she would play the Triple Door.

Patrick McDonald, music critic of the Seattle Times, who had championed Bernadette’s career for so long, invited her to accompany him to the first anniversary celebration of the Triple Door.  Unfortunately, he hurt his back, and informed the entertainment director of the club that Bernadette would attend the event on his behalf.  Bern seized the opportunity and told the entertainment director, Scott Giampino that she really wanted to play the venue. By January of the following year, she performed her first concert at the Triple Door.  The show was a smashing success and she sold it out.  In September of 2005, she sold out the venue again.  Bernadette’s return to Seattle was triumphant.


Now that she had proven herself worth her weight in gold, she approached the entertainment director once again, sharing with him an unconventional idea that had come together in her head.  She explained her plan to bring church into the nightclub in the form of Praise!, an idea for which she does not take credit.  “It was a vision.  I saw it in its entirety one day.” 

She shared her vision with her musical and horn directors and they helped her expound upon the idea.  The ultimate goal of Bern’s divine inspiration was “to bring unsuspecting hearts to Jesus.”  Rather than proselytizing, PRAISE! brings the promise of God’s blessings to people in a neutral setting.  While there is a profound message, Bern avoids preaching to her audience.  Instead, through her own personal story, she encourages people to just love God and give thanks.

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