PRAISE! A Sunday Gospel Supper
The Music Project

           The Music Project provides students with a unique opportunity to

express themselves in a positive way through a professional musical


            Participants learn group dynamics (harmony), cooperation

(accompaniment) and eventually learn to express themselves by writing

their own songs and lyrics. Because the musical focus is Rhythm & Blues,

participants also learn about African American history and how the

culture shaped the music they listen to.


              Typically, The Music Project offers 3-4 week sessions that culminate  

in  a concert of eight to ten songs performed by the participants, for their

families, teachers, peers and the community. Having participants 

perform music that is the result of hard work and commitment as well as 

fun with a positive message, The Music Project will provide an

atmosphere where pride and self esteem is fostered.


              "We must support our children in every way we can. We must

allow  our children freedom to express themselves creatively. We

must  praise our children and thank them for their gift of

inspiration. We must motivate our children spiritually. We must

challenge our children to a higher level of achievement. We must

increase our children’s self-confidence and improve their overall

quality of life. So we say to our children, draw, paint, write, act,

sing, dance, think, express, and be free to dream always"

 Tupac Shakur 

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From a divinely inspired idea, to sold out shows at the Triple Door, to a forthcoming album, PRAISE! has resulted in Bernadette Bascom’s ability to demonstrate the full arc of her tremendous talents.  She produces, writes, sings, and inspires others to give thanks by encouraging them to cultivate and share their talents.

As she prepares for the ultimate goal of touring PRAISE! around the nation’s top colleges and universities,  it is easy to forget that at the crux of it all is just one woman’s way of saying thank you for the blessed life she has enjoyed . 
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