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‘We must support our children in every way we can. We must allow our children freedom to express themselves creatively. We must praise our children and thank them for their gift of inspiration. We must motivate our children spiritually. We must challenge our children to a higher level of achievement. We must increase our children’s self-confidence and improve their overall quality of life. So we say to our children, draw, paint, write, act, sing, dance, think, express, and be free to dream always”

Tupac Shakur


The Music Project


The Music Project provides students with a unique opportunity to express themselves in a positive musical way by being in a professional music setting. Over the course of the program, professional R & B singers teach participants to sing this uniquely American music. The vocal director teaches group and individual singing. Participants learn group dynamics (harmony), cooperation (accompaniment) and will also eventually learn to express themselves by writing their own lyrics to some of the songs.

Many of the participating students have had no previous musical experience. An interest is all that is required. This type of music is a very accessible genre and the professional musicians are able to assess musical skills and assign work so that each student can be involved and successful. Those with previous musical experience and advanced abilities are tutored in a workshop setting within the context of the program. Typically we offer 3-4 week sessions that culminate in a concert of eight to ten songs performed by the participants for their families, teachers, peers and the community. By performing music that is not only fun but has a positive message and is the result of hard work and commitment, the increase in pride and self-esteem that results from performing in these concerts is clearly evident to teachers and parents. Just as important is the respect these kids gain from their peers.

The goal is to develop a prototype that will bring music education to youth that are underserved, or not served at all, by the music programs in school districts. It is absolutely vital to have creative musical opportunities for all of our children. We are planning to expand the program to eventually include other forms of music and the performing arts.

            The money raised from this benefit concert will be used to help fund the Music Project not only at SAS, but also in other schools and programs in the Northshore School District. Please contact us if you are interested in participating in the exciting and worthwhile program.

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